Guckloch (Peephole)


Peephole (Guckloch), 1993
Kunstverein Ludwigsburg
Drywall, microphones, loudspeakers, live transmission of the music lesson from the garden pavilion
Hole: Ø 4 cm; length: 76 cm
Photos © Karin Sander, 1993

A window in the exhibition room is completely closed in; one can see outside only through a small hole. As one approaches the hole in the wall and looks through it, one sees a pavilion in the old garden outside. The Ludwigsburg art association and the music school are both housed in the same building. The main building is used by all the musicians except the percussionists - who are housed in the idyllic garden pavilion so as not to disturb the other musicians at their lessons. Microphones and loud speakers transmit the music lessons in the pavilion in a concentrated form through this small hole into the exhibition room.

Text: Karin Sander