23.10.19 – 26.01.2020


Akzuna Zentroa, Bilbao, Spain


Opening 12.10.19, 18 -20 h

Karin Sander

Galerie Éric Hussenot, Paris, France


October 12 – November 13, 2019

Photo © Studio Karin Sander / Berlin Glas e.V.

Opening 11.10.19, 18 h

Hidden Beauty

Kunsthalle Nürnberg, Germany
12.10.19 – 19.01.20

After a comprehensive energetic refurbishment, the Kunsthalle Nürnberg is celebrating a new beginning with Nevin Aladag, Monica Bonvicini, Olafur Eliasson, Ann Veronica Janssens, Michail Pirgelis, Laure Prouvost, Thomas Rentmeister, Karin Sander and Haegue Yang.


Photo © Andrea Rossetti

12. - 15.09.2019

art berlin | Fair for Modern and Contemporary Art 2019

Esther Schipper


Flughafen Tempelhof
Hangar 5 and 6
Tempelhofer Damm 45
12101 Berlin

Photo © Studio Karin Sander


Opening 13.09.19, 19 h

Words Are Very Unnecessary

Arter Collection, Istanbul, Turkey

Arter, the subsidiary of Vehbi Koç Foundation has moved to its new home in Istanbul’s Dolapdere district in 2019, the year also marking the 50th anniversary of the foundation. Group and solo show from Arter Collection artists.


Photo © Studio Karin Sander

Opening 03.10.19

GLOBART Academy 2019

Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg, Austria

GLOBART transforms the museum into an artistic-philosophical living space and a social laboratory for common thinking, lingering and experimenting.


Photo © Studio Karin Sander

Opening 03.10.2019, 18 h

Terrestial Tales

100+ Takes on Earth
ETH Zurich, Switzerland

A research based exhibition gathering and addressing subjects of climate change, architecture, raising global urbanization and the arts reflecting on processes of planetary transformation. Concept by Prof. Marc Angélil

Farewell lecture by Prof. Marc Angélil 17.15 h, Auditorium Maximum
Exhibition opening 18 h, Rämistr. 101, Zurich

Photo © Studio Karin Sander

06.09.19, 18 h


Galerie Ute Parduhn, Dusseldorf

Group show with Ayşe Erkmen, Manfred Holtfrerich, Thomas Ruff, Karin Sander, Thomas Schütte, Wiebke Siem and Andreas Slominski as part of the Düsseldorf Cologne Open Galleries (DC Open), a traditional season kick-off into Rhineland´s Kunstherbst.


Photo © Studio Karin Sander

Opening 22.08.19, 17 h

Late Summer Show

i8 gallery, Reykjavík, Iceland
22.08. – 12.10. 2019

Group show with Margrét H. Blöndal, Ásgerður Búadóttir, Eyborg Guðmundsdóttir, Krístín Jónsdóttir Frá Munkaþvera, Arna Óttarsdóttir,Ragna Róbertsdóttir, Karin Sander, Júlíana Sveinsdóttir.


Photo © Andrea Rossetti

Opening, 20.08.2019, 19 h

In Zukunft. Möglichkeitsräume

Fabrik der Künste, Hamburg, Germany
20.08. - 08.09.19

The FUTURZWEI project has held discussions with different groups of young people about their dreams and visions of the future and transposed them into artistic concepts. Group show with Friedrich von Borries and Jakob Schrenk, Sabina Brassicae, Jan Körbes, Lucas Kuster, Christoph Mayer CHM, Peter Piller, Karin Sander, Regina Schmeken, Pablo Wendel, realities:united and 431art.


14.06.2019, 18 h

>>Open Codes?<<

Group exhibition at Kunstraum Leuphana University of Lüneburg, a collaboration with the ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe

This curatorial re-presentation draws on two defining moments of contemporary artistic practice, namely the installation and the interactive – and asserts a synchronic logic against the prevailing, diachronic imaginary of the digital. The “Open Codes” trailer asks how these articulative idioms are themselves shaped by the very technological developments – most notably, computer-assisted graphic design and artificial intelligence – under investigation in the ZKM exhibition.

Opening times: Friday, June 14th (exceptionally) as well as June 17th – July 2nd, Mondays through Thursdays, from 11:00-18.00


Photo © Clemens Krümmel

09.06.19, 14-17 h


Patina Paintings, 2014 – 2019
Atelier Amden, Switzerland

Karin Sander's utility paintings, which have been exhibited in Amden since 2014 and have assumed the patina of the exhibition venue, will be on display for the last time.
Starting in autumn, the paintings can be seen again in an exhibition at ETH Zurich.


Photo © Studio Karin Sander

25.05.2019, 19 h

Myths – Bauhauses – Dogmas

Symposium at Akademie der Künste, Berlin

Members, artists, architects and scholars look behind the myths and dogmas that surround “A Century of the Bauhaus”. Insights into the international reception of the Bauhaus from the post-war period until today, critiques and new artistic approaches, culminating in “BauhAusblicke” (Bauhaus Outlooks) are provided by Arno Brandlhuber, Winfried Brenne, Jean-Louis Cohen, Matthias Flügge, Thomas Flierl, Konstantin Grcic, Birgit Hein, Ulrike Lorenz, Olaf Nicolai, Matthias Sauerbruch, Karin Sander, Philip Ursprung, Hubertus von Amelunxen, Wilfried Wang, et al.


Photo © Akademie der Künste

29.05. – 27.07.2019

Occupational Hazards

apex art, New York City
Group show curated by Alexandra Stock

This exhibition is dedicated to the countless artworks that have been lost, damaged or destroyed by customs agents who control the flow of goods between nations in the Middle East.


Photo: Mailed Painting 204, Bonn - Berlin - Rome - Cairo - Dubai - Rome - Berlin, 2019 © Stefan Alber

18.05. - 18.08.2019

Frozen Gestures – Gesture in painting – from Roy Lichtenstein to Katharina Grosse

Kunst Museum Winterthur, Switzerland

Group show with Franz Ackermann, Pia Fries, Katharina Grosse, Judy Millar, Gerhard Richter, David Reed and Karin Sander.


Photo: Pinselstrich, signalrot, 2019 © Martin Lauffer

11.04. – 16.06.2019


Kunstforum Wien - tresor

Group exhibition curated by Christian Kosmas Mayer x FOTOGRAFIS with works by Heinrich Dunst, Manuel Gorkiewicz, Karin Sander and Sophie Thun.

Photo © Hannes Boeck

28.04.2019, 19 h


Artistic research laboratory at Akademie der Künste
Kathrin Röggla, Karin Sander and Manos Tsangaris
March 21 – June 2, 2019

Karin Sander
Telling Art and Futures – Die Dialektik des Utopischen
April 28 - June 2, 2019

Akademie der Künste
Hanseatenweg 10, Berlin

Photo: © Dana Giesecke

Karin Sander @ agps architecture

Book Launch Karin Sander. A – Z

Friday April 12, 2019 at 6 pm


Photo © agps architecture

22.02.2019, 9.05 am

Deutschlandfunk Kultur – Im Gespräch

Karin Sander in conversation with Ulrike Timm about concept art and the recent exhibition at Haus am Waldsee in Berlin.

Audible online:


Photo © Michael Danner

Karin Sander. A – Z

Haus am Waldsee, Berlin, Germany

Artist Dinner with Karin Sander
21.02. 2019, 19.30 h
45 Euro, excl. drinks
registration: kuenstleressen@hausamwaldsee.de
(deadline 15.02.2019)

Artist Talk
25.02.2019, 19.30 h
Karin Sander in conversation with Prof. Dr. Philipp Ursprung, art historian and professor at ETH Zurich


Photo: © Andrea Rossetti

13.02. - 30.03.2019

30 Jahre 3 Ausstellungen – Teil 2

Curated by Karin Sander and Ayse Erkmen

Opening: 12.02.2019, 19 h
Barbara Gross Galerie, München, Germany


26.02.2019, 16 h

Book Launch: Karin Sander. A – Z

On the occasion of the solo exhibition at Haus am Waldsee in Berlin Karin Sander is presenting a new catalogue Karin Sander. A – Z at the gallery Esther Schipper.

Photo: Wasser zählen / Counting Water, 1962/2000 © Edith Sander


25.01.2019, 11 pm

ZDF Aspekte


Photo: Patina Painting, Haus am Waldsee, 2019
© Studio Karin Sander

26.01. - 03.03.2019

Karin Sander. A - Z

Haus am Waldsee, Berlin, Germany
Opening, 25.01.19, 6:30 pm

Photo: Gebrauchsbild / Patina Painting, Haus am Waldsee, 2019 © Studio Karin Sander

06.- 10.12.2018

Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, USA

Esther Schipper

Booth H15


Photo: Karin Sander, Office Works, Installation View © Andrea Rossetti

18.11.2018, 3 pm

FINISSAGE - Karin Sander

Kunst Museum Winterthur / Beim Stadthaus + Reinhart am Stadtgarten, Winterthur, Switzerland
Zoë Beck reads from the crime story "Fake it – or it didn’t happen" (in German)


Photo: Floor, 1991/2018 © Andrea Rossetti

26.10.2018 - 20.01.2019


Skulpturen der Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
Halle für aktuelle Kunst


Opening, 25.10.2018, 19 h

Photo: Chicken Egg, Polished, Raw, Size 0, 1994 © Studio Karin Sander

19.10. - 22.12.2018

Walter Storms Galerie

Sixth Sense
Alice Aycock, Monica Bonvicini, Dadamaino, Lesley Foxcroft, Caro Jost, Julia Mangold, Karin Sander


Opening, 19.10.2018, 18 - 21 h

18.10. - 21.10.2018 FIAC Paris

Lab`Bel - La vache qui rit

Karin Sander "1176 holes for 1 image"

The fifth Collector’s Edition Box features
the art of Karin Sander



Metaphoria III

Group show: Nina Beier, Adriano Costa, Rui Costa, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Kenneth Goldsmith, Ana Jotta, jeremy Millar, Pepo Salazar, Karin Sander


Photo: Karin Sander, Kitchen Pieces, 2012 © Martin Agryroglo

Collectors Agenda

In the Studio - Karin Sander


Photo © Michael Danner

27.09. - 30.09.2018

art berlin fair - Esther Schipper

Karin Sander - solo presentation

Booth 1.C.4


Photo © Andrea Rossetti

22.09. – 17.11.2018

Abenteuer Freundschaft - KUNSTSAELE Berlin

Geraldine Michalke
Michael Müller
Karin Sander
René Schmitt

Opening, 22.09.2018, 8 pm


Photo: Karin Sander, Pulled Glass, 2018 © Alexander Hahn

16.09. - 04.11.2018

Carte Blanche

Kunstverein Schwäbisch-Hall
Opening: 15.09.2018, 6 pm


Photo: Mailed Painting 199, Bonn - Berlin - Schwäbisch Hall, 2018 © Studio Karin Sander

Publishing Date: 07.09.2018

In the highly charged area between reality and fiction, Karin Sander has commissioned two acclaimed crime-fiction authors to write a story each especially for her solo exhibition at Kunst Museum Winterthur. Unlike the usual catalogue texts that accompany art exhibitions, the text itself is turned into an artwork. The two crime stories by renowned and award-winning authors, Zoë Beck and Oliver Bottini, carry the reader off to a completely fictional world that collides with the reality of the art created by the artist.

Shop: www.buchhandlung-walther-koenig.de

Photo: Karin Sander: Crime Stories by Zoë Beck and Oliver Bottini, written especially on the occasion of the solo exhibition Karin Sander at Kunst Museum Winterthur, Switzerland, 2018. Design in collaboration with büro uebele visuelle kommunikation.
Photo © Studio Karin Sander

08.09. – 18.11.2018

Karin Sander

Kunst Museum Winterthur / Beim Stadthaus + Reinhart am Stadtgarten, Winterthur, Switzerland

OPENING: Friday, 07.09.2018, 7 pm
Introduction by director Konrad Bitterli
Oliver Bottini reads from his crime story "Wintertod" (in German)

Photo: Karin Sander, Walls, restacked, 2018. Kunst Museum Winterthur © Studio Karin Sander

02.08. – 15.09.2018


Project Space Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
Opening 02.08.18, 4 pm

27.04. – 07.07.2018, extended through 14.08.2018

paperwork: karin sander

haubrok foundation, FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, Berlin, Germany

Photo: KS 90 9, 1990 © Studio Karin Sander

29.06. – 14.10.2018

Unleashed Nature. The Image of Catastrophe since 1600

Hamburger Kunsthalle, Galerie der Gegenwart, Hamburg

Photo: Fortress of Fire, Eldborg: Hnappadalssyslu, 2000 © Studio Karin Sander

SWR2 Zeitgenossen: Karin Sander

In conversation with Dietrich Brants | Radio interview

01.06. – 30.09.2018

CGAC Collection 25

Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea, Santiago de Compostela, ES

Photo: Museum Visitors 1:9, 2003. Collection of CGAC, Santiago de Compostela, ES © Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea


The Future is Female

Parts Project, Den Haag, NL

Photo: Mailed Painting 122, 2012 © Studio Karin Sander


Berlin Britzenale 2

Kleingartenkolonie Morgentau, Berlin-Britz

Photo: Karin Sander, Patina Painting 189 a, 2018 © Christoph Zwiener

18.5. – 16.6.2018

Opening: 17. Mai 2018

Just So Stories 1978 | 2018
Galerie nächst St. Stephan, Vienna

Photo: Wandstück 29,5 x 21,5 cm, 1996/2014 © Studio Karin Sander


From the Green Market to the Gallery Wall - Text by Gregory Folk


Photo: Karin Sander, Savoy Cabbage, 2012/2018 © Studio Karin Sander

ARTFORUM Print April 2018

TRACE VALUE - Benjamin Paul on the art of Karin Sander


Photo: Karin Sander, Untitled, 1993

18.04.2018, 19 h

Karin Sander im Gespräch

SWR2 Zeitgenossen
in der Staatlichen Kunsthalle Baden-Baden

Die Künstlerin Karin Sander entwickelt spezifisch ortsbezogene Arbeiten, die immer auf neue Weise den Blick schärfen, für die komplexe Beziehung zwischen dem Kunstwerk und seinem "Träger", sei dies die Wand, der Raum oder die gesamte Institution. Im Gespräch mit Dietrich Brants erzählt Karin Sander von ihren Begegnungen in der Kunstwelt und vom künstlerischen Medium "Ausstellung".

Eintritt frei!
Um Anmeldung wird gebeten: info@kunsthalle-baden-baden.de / +49 7221 300 76400


Kitchen Pieces Postcard Edition

Kitchen Pieces, 2012: Set of 25 postcards and booklet with text by Eva Menasse; in black slipcase 5 7/8 x 4 1/8 x ½ inches (15 x 10.5 x 1 cm) Signed and numbered Edition of 500 Published by Carolina Nitsch


Photo © Stefan Alber

07.03. – 28.04.2018

Kitchen Pieces

Carolina Nitsch Gallery, New York, USA

Photo: Apple, 2012 © Studio Karin Sander

02.03. – 17.06.2018

Opening: 02.03.2018, 7 pm

Ausstellen des Ausstellens
Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Baden-Baden, Germany

Photo: Identities on Display, 2013, installation view Museum Frieder Burda, 2018 © Studio Karin Sander

02.02.2018, 10 – 17h

Tagung: Museum 3-D Digital

10h Vortrag Karin Sander
16h Podiumsdiskussion »3D-Digitalisierung von Kulturgut - Eine Chance für Forschung, Kunst und Industrie«, mit Peter Plaßmeyer, Karin Sander, Ingolf Seifert, Karin Kessen, Pedro Santos, Moderation: Martin Zavesky

Lipsiusbau, Dresden, D

Photo: 3D-Scan eines Burgers, 2017 © Studio Karin Sander

21.01. – 06.05.2018

Travelers: Stepping into the Unknown. NMAO's 40th Anniversary Exhibition.

The National Museum of Art, Osaka, JP

Photo: Zeigen. Audio Tour through the Collection of The National Museum of Art, Osaka, 2018 © Karin Sander, 2018

20.01. – 08.04.2018

Out of Office. Büro-Kunst oder das Büro im Museum.

Städtische Galerie Bietigheim-Bissingen, D

Photo: Office Works, 1996 © Hubert P. Klotzeck, 2017

12.01. – 03.03.2018


Galerie nächst St. Stephan, Wien, A

Photo: Glass Piece 55, 2017 (left), Glass Piece 17, 2015 (right) © Galerie Nächst St. Stephan, 2018

29.11.2017, 19-23 h

Myth, Music & Electricity – A concert with visual artists

invited by Augustin Maurs
Herkulessaal der Residenz, Munich
Concert 8 pm
Doors 7 pm
Admission: 8 /12 €
Tickets: julia.etter@palexpo.ch
facebook event

Photo: Blitz Concert, 2008/2017 © Katharina Wendler, 2017

24.11.2017 – 27.05.2018

All the Words for Rock. Nature and Conflict.

curated by Julián Rodríguez
Fundación Helga de Alvear, Cáceres, ES

Photo: Kitchen Pieces, 2012, installation view © Joaquín Cortés, 2018

23.11.2017, 19 h


Andreas Ruby im Gespräch mit Sarah Graham + Marc Angélil, Jenny Rodenhouse, Karin Sander und Arno Brandhuber über die Ausstellung „agps architecture – 99¢ Space“.
Architektur Galerie Berlin

17.11.2017, 19 h

Artist Talk

Franciska Zólyom & Karin Sander

Karin Sander: Zeigen. Eine Audiotour durch die Sammlung der GfZK
Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst (GfZK), Leipzig, D

Photo: © Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig

20.10.2017 – 05.08.2018

OPEN CODES. Living in Digital Worlds.

curated by Peter Weibel, co-curated by Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás, Yasemin Keskintepe and Blanca Giménez
ZKM, Karlsruhe, D

Photo: XML-SVG Code / Quellcode des Ausstellungsraums, 2010/2017 © Steffen Harms

from October 2017


Kunst am Bau
Kunstuniversität, Linz, 2016

Photo © Manfred Seidl, 2017

08.09. – 21.10.2017

Opening: 15.09.2017

Karin Sander: Kunst
Esther Schipper, Berlin, D

Photo © Archive Karin Sander

20.08.2017, 15:00 h

Artist Talk

Dr. Christoph Schreier & Karin Sander

Mentales Gelb. Sonnenhöchststand.
Die Sammlung KiCo im Kunstmuseum Bonn und im Lenbachhaus München

05.05. – 20.08.2017
Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn, D

Photo © Karin Sander

01.06. – 21.07.2017


curated by Gregory Volk
Fridman Gallery, New York, USA,

Photo: Glass Piece 54, 2017 © Studio Karin Sander

17.05. – 21.05.2017

Cappadox 2017 – Ways Out From The World

curated by Fulya Erdemci, assistant curators: Kevser Güler, Ilgın Deniz Akseloğlu
Cappadocia, TUR

Photo: Hitting the Highest Notes on the Highest Peaks, 2017, visualization © Studio Karin Sander

Mentales Gelb. Sonnenhöchststand.

Die Sammlung KiCo im Kunstmuseum Bonn und im Lenbachhaus München

05.05. – 20.08.2017
Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn, D

06.05. – 08.10.2017
Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich, D

Photo: installation view © Martin Lauffer

28.04.17, 20:00–24:00 h

some thing

curated by Albert Weis
Kosmetiksalon Babette, Berlin, D

Photo: Mailed Painting 162, 2015, installation view
© Albert Weis


curated by Shahram Entekhabi

28.4.2017 – 05.05.2016
Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, IRN

23.06.2017 – 14.07.2017
CC. art space, Isfahan, IRN

Photo: Chicken Egg, Polished, Raw, Size 0, 1994
© Martin Lauffer

02.04. – 10.09.2017

Out of Office. Büro-Kunst oder das Büro im Museum.

curated by Dr. Simone Schimpf
Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt, D

Photo: KS 96 94, 1996 (office works) © Studio Karin Sander

23.03. – 02.07.2017

Mexibility. Wir sind in der Stadt, wir können sie nicht verlassen*

curated by Friedrich von Borries, Moritz Ahlert & Victor Palacios
Casa del Lago, Mexico City, MEX

Photo: Mailed Paintings © Studio Karin Sander

11.03. – 18.06.2017

Karin Sander. Haarzeichnungen, Büroarbeiten und Gesprächszeichnungen

Villa Zanders, Bergisch-Gladbach, D

Photo: Exhibition Space 1.7, 1:2, 2017 © Martin Lauffer

17.03.2017 – 14.01.2018

Karin Sander: Zeigen. Eine Audiotour durch die Sammlung der GfZK

Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst (GfZK), Leipzig, D

Photo: © Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig

15.02. – 08.04.2017


organized with Olivier Renaud-Clement
Hauser & Wirth, New York, USA

Photo: Karin Sander 1:7,7, 1997-2008 © René Schmitt

20.09. – 17.11.2016

Blurry but Clear

prepared by Ayşe Orhun Gültekin & Derya Yıldız
Ariel Sanat, Istanbul, TUR

Photo: Karin Sander, 2002/2016 © Karin Sander

18.09.2016 – 28.01.2017

Mixed Media. Dieter Roth & Karin Sander.

curated by Katharina Wendler
Safn, Berlin, D

Photo: installation view © Henrik Strömberg

15.09.2016 – 16.04.2017

TEXT. Selected Text-based Works from the Collection of Pétur Arason and Ragna Róbertsdóttir.

curated by Birta Gudjonsdottir
National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavik, ISL

Photo: 4 Audio Pieces, 2009, in collaboration with Andreas Uebele, installation view © Sigurdur Gunnarsson

09.09. – 23.10.2016

Bild, Schrift, Zeichen

curated by Christian Goegger
with Andreas Uebele
Villa Merkel, Esslingen, D

11.08. – 11.09.2016

Karin Sander

i8 Gallery, Reykjavik, ISL

Karin Sander presents: Dieter Roth, Kinderbuch, 1957

EX LIBRIS, Salonverlag, Cologne, D

02.07. – 06.10.2016

Artists' Film International on Technology

curated by Çelenk Bafra, assistant curator: Yasemin Ülgen Saray
Istanbul Modern, Istanbul, TUR

07.06. – 07.08.2016

Artists' Film International. Karin Sander, Igor Jesus and Igor Bošnjak.

Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK

03.06. – 08.07.2016

Karin Sander: Announcement

Johnen Galerie, Berlin, D

15.05. – 25.06.2016

Karin Sander

Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp, Cully, CH

12.05. – 18.06.2016

Ayse Erkmen, Tamara Grcic, Janice Kerbel, Karin Sander.

Barbara Gross, Munich, D

28.04. – 16.07.2016



21.04. – 15.07.2016

Karin Sander

Galería Helga de Alvear, Madrid, ESP

14.04. – 28.05.2016

Home Improvements

curated by John Waters
FraenkelLAB / Jeffrey Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, USA

16.01. – 16.04.2016

Der Schatten des Körpers des Kutschers

curated by Clemens Krümmel
Kunstsaele, Berlin, D

01.06.2015 – 01.06.2017


curated by Thomas D. Trummer
Skulpturenpark Köln, Cologne, D

16.02. – 17.12.2015

Scholarship of the German Academy in Rome, Villa Massimo, Rome, IT


04.07. – 23.08.2014

Paper Work. Ceal Floyer & Karin Sander

Esther Schipper, Berlin, D

14.06.2014 – 31.12.2017

Karin Sander. Gebrauchsbilder / Patina Paintings

Atelier Amden, Amden (CH)