Karin Sander, Patina Painting 194, Storm, July 2019 © Stiefkind Fotografie

Karin Sander, Patina Painting 194, Storm, July 2019 © Stiefkind Fotografie

GlobArt Academy
19´ LIFE

05.10.2019 – 19.11.2019
Group Exhibition

Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg/Vienna

In the current context of ongoing global, ecological, economical, social, political and humanitarian crises, the question of our survival is of particular urgency. Therefore we are confronted with a paradox task: to elaborate on the possibility of a planetary survival, an apparent shift from an anthropocenic point of view on the phenomenon of life is necessary. The GLOBART Academy 2019 takes place at the Essl Museum Klosterneuburg. We will utilize this space during a time, where it is seeking a new purpose. Designed by the award winning Austrian architect Heinz Tesar, the building offers an unparalleled atmosphere for our work: we will begin with an empty museum that will be filled with ideas - in the end the participants carry the ideas with them and will again leave an empty space behind.

In collaboration with FUTURZWEI. STIFTUNG ZUKUNFTSFÄHIGKEIT Essl Museum is showing a part of the group exhibition INZUKUNFT. Möglichkeitsräume, which was shown at Hamburger Fabrik der Künste before. Participating artist: Christoph Mayer chm., realities:united, Karin Sander, Regina Schmeken amongst others.
Curated by Dana Giesecke and Harald Welzer.


Represented works

Patina Paintings