2008 SCAPE Christchurch Biennial Wandering lines towards a new culture of SPACE

19.09.2008 – 02.11.2008
Group Exhibition

Our cities are constantly evolving. Their changing spaces reflect the shifting values of society – and so do their public artworks. Traditionally public art takes the form of weighty sculptures in bronze and stone. The artists in SCAPE 2008: Wandering Lines: Towards a New Culture of Space engage with public space very differently. Using everything from fluorescent lights to a fleet of bicycles, they weave their works into the broader fabric of the city and place them firmly within its dynamic systems.
To wander is to go off the official route and look for a fresh perspective on things. The twenty-five artists in this year’s SCAPE invite you to look for art in unexpected places. What you’ll find are fresh, sharp, witty and hopeful visions of what a city and its public spaces can be.

2008 SCAPE Christchurch Biennial